Sunday, August 11, 2013

Beer Tasting Photos

About 100 years ago, #ProjectBadass had a beer tasting. Focusing on mostly IPA's/DIPA's, but we had a few out there beers too.

We did the head to head of Pliny vs Heady, and IMO Heady was better, but it was VERY close. I also got to taste the single worst beer I ever had, and no it wasn't the Sam Adams Triple Bock. The Rogue Voodoo beer was...truly awful.

This was basically the whole lineup here. My friend Moses did bring a bunch of different Portsmouth Brewery beers that aren't pictured.

Heady Topper with it's nemesis Pliny the Elder lurking in the back...

I wish I knew what Roberto was doing in this picture...

My brother Jarrod with Yoshi looking angry in the background

Toast, a Nugget Beer from Porstmouth Brewery and Double Jack. This was later in the night I believe, not really sure though it got a bit blurry...

Our host Kenblo, probably being hit on by Moses

Tim watching over everyone.

Roberto, I assume he is thinking of what Bo Kata's he should work on after he leaves.

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