Friday, January 27, 2012

Beer Works

In Massachusetts we have a brewpub chain called Beer Works. The first was in Boston, where there's now two, and a few more scattered about the state. Beer snobs in this area seem to look their noses down at what Beer Works does, and this bothers me. They consistently have good craft beers on tap, most of which are made at the Brewery they are sold at (there are some rare exceptions). IPA's don't get much fresher than the taste of their Dye House IPA Cask I had tonight, and with IPA's we know freshness is important. Yet still, beer snobs have a problem with Beer Works. Why, my guess is because they don't take a ton of chances, not many of their beers are risky, which to me is fine. Sometimes I don't need 100 IBU's or Barrel Aged on Whiskey barrels salvaged from a fire in Kentucky. Sometime a good IPA or Porter is better than those, and just what I want. There are exceptions to them not taking risks though.

Tonight I got a chance to taste what happens when Beer Works brewers take a chance, and it was with their Grand Cru Rouge, an American Wild/Sour. This is a great sour beer, probably one of the best American made ones I have had (Sorry Beer Works, Belgium still wins here). Perfectly tart, with just the right amount of funk, also as most of their beers are, very drinkable. They made enough for 500 bottles (still not on sale) and 5 kegs, sent to each Beer Works. If you have time this weekend and enjoy Sours head to Beer Works, and see what happens when a "safe" brew pub takes chances.