Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TV Review - The New Girl

With the new TV season upon us I am going to comment on a few shows, some I watch, some I don't. This is the the latter...

Fact Number 1, Hipsters love Zooey Deschanel, no getting around this.
Fact Number 2, Hipsters are slowly taking over the world.

So if you take those two facts the New Girl has to be a hit right, WRONG.

Here's what will happen. My friend Yoshi puts the number of Hipsters around 9.8 million, and in theory most will watch the New Girl.  That's where the numbers start falling apart though, of that 9.8 million, about a million refuse to watch TV, don't own one and will make sure you know that. So that number is down to 8.8 million, but of that number, 8 million would never watch a TV show live, way to unhip, they aren't their parents you know! So 2 million will DVR it, and watch it at a fairly ironic time (say 2:17am).

So where does that leave the other 6 million or so? They will fire up their MacBooks to go to Hulu.com, and assume the show will be on there, if not...well shit will hit the fan. They will accuse the networks for not wanting something good to succeed, thus validating the fact that they hate anything popular. Some will try to torrent it, but that is just something most pretend to know about to be hip and most will fail.

So after that there will be about 700k hipsters and maybe a million non-hipsters watching The New Girl. Also once the hipsters find out their parent or a friends parent watched it and liked it, that viewership will take yet another hit.  I expect the show to last about 3 episodes.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Beer Review - Hottenroth by The Bruery

Tonight I am drinking a Hottenroth by the Bruery.  I have enjoyed all the beers I have had from the Bruery so far, and this one doesn't let me down.  The beer is a BerlinerWeiss, and comes in at about 3.1 ABV. This is a style I only have had one other time, and I really liked the Festina Peche by Dogfish Head, but this isn't about that beer so I will stop talking about it.

The first thing I noticed is the extreme pale color of this beer, not even gold or yellow its nearly clear. The color reminds me a lot of a cider, and it took me about half a glass to get out of my head that it in fact wasn't a cider. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I love ciders, almost as much as beer...

The nose is tart, really tart, also there is a hint of what I think is the Belgian Yeast that the Bruery uses in this beer.  The first sip is a bit surprising, because again I have cider on my mind, there is fairly highly carbonation, but not where it hurts to drink.  There is a tartness all the way through my drinking of the beer, which for me is the mark of a very good beer. That's sort of where it ends, there isn't much else going on in the beer, although I do pick up a bit of citrus and some yeast.  The lack of any other flavor isn't awful, I like the tartness that dominates this beer, and it's super drinkable as I would expect from this style.

Overall I really like this beer, but this beer, and the style, isn't for everyone.  If you like tart or even sour beers this would be great, but if you are unsure tread lightly with this beer.  As for me, I can see myself scaling buildings all day in the summer, then sitting down for one of these as a replacement for lemonade.