Sunday, October 29, 2017

King of the Hill - Pilot

Hello! Welcome to my blog of King of the Hill Episodes. Each of these posts will usually be for a group of episodes, with certain episodes getting there own post, so here we go!

Today we start with, the start. The Pilot episode where we meet the gang, Peggy, Bobby, Luanne and a brief cameo by everyone's favorite shinless war hero,Cotton.

Great way to start the episode Seinfeld talk, then probably the best joke of the episode. You know what Ford stands for, Fix it...again Tony, classic Dale

Anyone know where I can get the Funny Phone Jerks tape?

Why is Boomhauer the umpire at Bobby's little league game, and why does he just wear his normal clothes? These questions may never be answered.

I did look up what a Tap and Die set is. I still don't really know what it is, Amazon didn't help. At least Buckley also doesn't know what it is.

Season one Dale was definitely a Trump supporter. So since this episode aired it got at least one degree hotter, did Hank kick Dale's ass?

This twigboy is clearly a shitty Social Worker, having no training in that field I would at least want to verify things with the coach.

BC Headache powder is still sold, so there is that. Going to need to try it out when I have a hangover.

Why is Luanne happy that Hank will let her use his tools to make a wig? Also I miss Luanne being able to fix cars.

Hank is eating a bacon sandwich with bacon grease instead of Mayo, not a idea really.

Pilot Bobby is a dick.

My final thought for this episode, why in the fuck does the bus that takes the Social Worker away go down the alley? Also does Texas just put bad social workers on a bus to take them away? Where was he going and who was the guy next to him that calls him twigboy?! So many unanswered questions.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Fuck Beer Releases

Beer releases are getting fucking stupid. I have done my share of releases, but honestly those days are over.

Two brewers had bottle releases this weekend in the Boston area, both drew HUGE lines and it's just stupid. It gets even stupider that I was able to get these beers without even trying later. Of course my favorite party is all the beer bros posting on BeerAdvocate or Reddit to trade these for anything rare they can get, but that's a story for another day...

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Beer Trading is an Ass Blast

I like to trade beer, I really do. I like to try things I can't get near me, and I like to get some beer to other people that can't get it. That being said the whole thing is about 98% an ass blast.

There is always some hyped beer that someone is trying to trade just to blast you. It all goes something, like this.

  1. Find out local brewery is releasing barrel aged stout or a sour (if the sour has peaches/nectarines in it, no need to hype, the hype will come), and begin to hype all other beers from said brewery. Terrible IPA becomes really solid, their Brown Ale is out of this world.
  2. UNTAPPD 5 STARS ENGAGE (note this is where you must get your friends to do the same)
  3. Hype release on popular beer forums.
  4. Post pictures of you drinking said beer, maybe even with the glass you have no intention of ever using again. Beerporn threads work best. You may also take a picture of you drinking this at the brewery and mentioning how it is truly...the perfect beer.
    1. At this point you can also toss in a RateBeer or BA review, but that is a lot of work
  6. FT: Your new beer ISO: Proven beer that was released 5 years ago, and had a 200 bottle release, and... you know, people love it. Ensure you mention Bottle Limit, other great beers (That you already hype) by the brewery, and how long you waited in line for said beer.
  7. Have friends jump in during discussions of trade values and have them mention they completed this trade on other forum, or have seen it done. THIS IS KEY!
  8. Argue with people on forums, how if this beer was from X Region everyone would be flipping out about it.
  9. Never drink the beer, cellar it instead, hoping you can flip a five year vertical of the beer even though the brewery will be gone in two.

See....Ass Blast.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Beer Tasting Photos

About 100 years ago, #ProjectBadass had a beer tasting. Focusing on mostly IPA's/DIPA's, but we had a few out there beers too.

We did the head to head of Pliny vs Heady, and IMO Heady was better, but it was VERY close. I also got to taste the single worst beer I ever had, and no it wasn't the Sam Adams Triple Bock. The Rogue Voodoo beer was...truly awful.

This was basically the whole lineup here. My friend Moses did bring a bunch of different Portsmouth Brewery beers that aren't pictured.

Heady Topper with it's nemesis Pliny the Elder lurking in the back...

I wish I knew what Roberto was doing in this picture...

My brother Jarrod with Yoshi looking angry in the background

Toast, a Nugget Beer from Porstmouth Brewery and Double Jack. This was later in the night I believe, not really sure though it got a bit blurry...

Our host Kenblo, probably being hit on by Moses

Tim watching over everyone.

Roberto, I assume he is thinking of what Bo Kata's he should work on after he leaves.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top 20 Beers of the Year

Trying to get more into blogging this year, and figured the thing I am best equipped to talk about is beer.

I figured the best way to start is a list of the top 20 beers that were new to me last year. So without any more delay, in no particular order, my top 20 (no way was I ranking these).

80 Acre Wheat - Boulevard Brewing - I never knew I wanted a hoppy wheat ale until I tried this. Whenever I see a six pack of this I snag it for sure.

Bee Tea - Night Shift Brewing - One of the best new breweries in Massachusetts, one that I waited to long to find. First time I had this beer I was blown away, I will be seeking more Night Shift in 2013

Narwahl - Sierra Nevada - Sierra Nevada seemed to decide to make some great imperial beers this year (Hoptium is another). This beer was easy to get, and this made me happy.

Cucumber Saison - Cigar City - Vacationing in Orlando allows me to find a good amount of Cigar City beer, this wasn't one of them. Luckily a friend got one through a trade. One of the more unique beers I had, but one that I fell in love with quickly

Wookey Jack - Firestone Walker - I don't believe Firestone Walker makes a bad beer, this was no exception.

Jimmy - Hill Farmstead - This is the beginning of sort of a theme, Hill Farmstead is still my favorite brewery. This beer was probably one of the most complex beers I have ever had.

Society and Solitude 4 - Hill Farmstead - There is tons of hype for Heady Topper, and it is an amazing beer, but there are a few Double IPA's from Greensboro VT that are just that much better. This is one of those beers.

Meadowlark - Pretty Things - Best IPA made in Massachusetts IMO. From a company that hadn't made an America Style beer before it.

Cocoa Mole - New Belgium - This is a beer people are either going to love or hate. I loved it, finally a chocolate Chili beer that was a perfect balance.

Love Child #2 - Boulevard - I am a huge fan of Sours, and this beer provided me with what I seek. My only regret was buying only one bottle of this.

Sucaba - Firestone Walker - One of the best Barleywines I have ever had, again I love Firestone Walker.

Anna - Hill Farmstead - If I had to choose a number one beer this year, it would be hard to not choose this beer. Just an amazing Saison.

Porch Rocker - Samuel Adams Brewery - My new summer beer, so refreshing on a hot day. I just hope I can find it through the whole Summer this year.

Double Sunshine - Lawson's Finest Liquid - After a few trips up to Vermont the year before, this beer eluded me. Finally in May, we decided to break down and take a trip to Warren, and the Warren Store. I was rewarded with what might be the best Double IPA I have had (wait didn't I already kind of say that?)

Banryu Ichi - Cambridge - I loved this beer/sake Hybrid. Not only for the chance the brewer took on it, but how delicious it was.

Lou Pepe Kriek - Cantillon - If you don't get why this on the list, well...I don't know what to say.

Hopslam - Bell's - Got this in a trade. One of the better Double IPA's I have ever had. The plan was to drink these over a few nights, did it in one instead

Kate the Great - Portsmouth Brewery - Five Hours in line in freezing cold weather, for a beer. Not sure I would wait again, but this beer is one amazing stout. I am really hoping we see Tod Mott brew this again, and make it more widely available.

Bourbon County Coffee - Goose Island - I don't care who owns this brewery, this beer is amazing.

Noble Rot - Dogfish Brewing - Tried this more on a whim, and was greatly surprised. If you want wine drinkers to love beer, get them this. If you like beer, you should also have this beer.

So that's my list, all beers new to me this year, agree/disagree it's up to you.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Disney's Food and Wine Fest

There are two things in this world I enjoy thoroughly. Beer is one, the other is Disney. So when we go to Disney during their Food and Wine fest I am a happy man, mostly because I love food too.

My gripe is although Disney does a solid job with Wine and a great job with the food, the beer just isn't good. The local beers are better, but nothing from Cigar City or Swamp Head Brewing. How can you even have a Florida booth and not have Cigar City, they are clearly the most prominent brewery in the state.

Another issue is where are the brewers dinners. These, in my opinion, would be a great way for Disney to showcase some smallish breweries who don't have the production to distribute everywhere. They could also just have Sam Adams do it again, and that would even be great. Jim Koch is a great guy to listen to talk about beer.

I also don't get how we can't have more American Craft Beer. I look at the list, and I do love that Sam Adams is fully represented, and the scant few other decent craft beers are nice. But there are some pretty glaring omissions. I get there are some breweries that just don't have the production to serve at a fest like this, but there are some that could, at least for a few weeks. Stone, New Belgium, Dogfish Head, and the list goes on from there. But Disney sticks with whatever beer AB/InBev tells them to, which brings me my next point. WHERE THE FUCK IS GOOSE ISLAND?! Why aren't they full integrated in the beer fest?! They are an InBev brewery and it seems like Disney is carrying lot's of InBev beers, but WHERE IS GOOSE ISLAND!

That will do for my rant for now. I will end this on one finally point. Disney, please stop pretending the beers you carry in the Belgium pavilion all. They make the best beer in the world, and you pick some of the worst beer made there.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Seasonal Beers, what?!

Dear Breweries of America, I have a modest proposal to make, let's get rid of the Seasonal Beer. Seasonal beers were once brewed for a reason, and these reasons no longer exist. Most of these "seasons" were set in Germany many many years ago. Well guess what, we don't live in Germany, and it's not many many years ago.

Two styles, that traditionally are brewed in season are Maibocks and Oktoberfests. First let's stop kidding ourselves, Oktoberfest isn't a style, Marzen is the style. The only reason we think of it as an Oktoberfest is because in 1553 Bavarian ruler Duke Albrect V forbid anyone from brewing in the Summer. The reason, because in the warm season ambient bacteria would infect the beers. See not an issue anymore, we can brew when ever we want, because we understand more about bacteria than they did in 1553 Germany. Of course none of this even mentions that in Germany now, only six breweries can brew Oktoberfestbiers. So when local breweries brew an Ale and slap an Octoberfest sticker on it, I can tell they really care about tradition and not money.

The second style that mentions a month is Maibock, yet another German beer. This one was brewed for those short German springs, which I am sure everyone in the world has. Really all this is, is a pale Bock. Since we have different springs everywhere there really is no reason to brew this just in May, but if you want make sure you take the more laborious way of making it, and don't half ass it for profits.

The third type of beer, not really a type of beer but more of a tradition, is brewing for seasons. Wheat or lighter beers for the summer, Heavy Stouts or Spiced beers for the winter, and so on. I also call for you to end this practice. Now I don't want you to just say hey, Russian Imperial Stouts for the summer, and Lighter beers in Winter, but let's stop with the rules. You can brew, and I ask you to, anything you want whenever. Something I always wonder, in Florida or Arizona, do they care about winter fashion at all. Why should it be if you live in warm weather year round, should you have to drink what people in the Northeast drink. Don't give me growing seasons either, we can grow any crop, basically year round. Why does 1/4 of the US determine what beers everyone in the country should drink? You don't see to much snow fall in San Francisco and LA, but no here you go, here is this delicious Winter Warmer with Cinnamon and Nutmeg.

This all being said, there is still tradition to be upheld, so if you want to brew a Maibock, or Marzen go ahead, but stop pretending you are the same as German brewers who brewed/brew these for a reason. Also brew it traditional, I know of several brewers that brew an Ale and call it an Octoberfest. You brew and package these beers this way to make money, and that's why I want you to end the marketing of seasonal beers.